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Excavation for small spaces

What Dingo Minidig can do for you

The friendly and experienced team at Dingo Minidig offers a range of excavation services at
competitive rates throughout Auckland, with hundreds of statisfied clients in both rural
and residential communities.

Our Dingo diggers are small enough to fit through doorways, giving us quick and easy access to areas where access is limited. Our diggers are designed to work well in tight spaces, and are strong and tough enough to deal with New Zealand's challenging conditions.

We are the experts at:

-  Excavating and digging
-  Hole boring to 6 metres
-  Trenching
-  Rotary hoeing
-  Stump grinding
-  Concrete breaking
-  Footings
-  Basements
-  Wooden retaining walls
-  Site preparation
-  Site clearance
-  Section drains
-  Driveways and paths
-  Landscaping 

The Dingo Minidig garage includes:

  • Dingo with tracks or tyres, complete with a range of attachments, from 900mm wide.
  • Tip truck.
  • Small digger with a weight of 900 kg from 760mm to 1m wide.
  • Medium digger with a weight of 1.7 tonnes from 1m to 1.3m wide.

Harness the power of a Dingo

With over ten years of excavation experience the team at Dingo Minidig are the go-to people when you are in a tight spot.  We are happy to discuss your excavation requirements with you, give Stu or Sue a call today.